Our Tiny House Build Adventure

Interior, the result.

Living Room

Living Room


Kitchen with loft above and bedroom down the hall

Bed Up

Main floor bedroom with bed up and desk available for day use. Storage boxes on the floor double as benches to sit at desk.

Bed Down

Bedroom in night configuration with bed down. Storage boxes are supporting the bed, but the drawers in them are still accessible.

Loft from Kitchen

Upper level loft from kitchen

Loft Beds

Loft configured for grand children visits

Some design features

Couch Drawers

Couch Drawers and c-table as coffee table

Couch as Bed

Couch in queen sized bed configuration, with c-table supporting extra cushion

Couch Storage

Storage under couch for extra matress and platform

Storage loft

Storage loft over couch

Bath Towel Shelf

Pantry cart pull out in stair unit, across from bathroom door

Shoe Storage

Shoe cubbies in bedroom wall below breaker panel

Bath Room

Bath Room with storage cubbie open for some counter space and towel storage in wall above cabinet


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