Our Tiny House Build Adventure

Diary 4 - July and August

August 27, 2017

Settling in
After a couple days of setting up and provisioning, we moved in on August 12. A couple days later, we brought Bijou, the cat, to join us. We have been here now for two weeks, adding finishing touches and making a few adjustments. It is a very comfortable tiny house.

Here is a view of the livingroom from the loft. Livingroom

And the view in the front window showing the kitchen and down the hall Kitchen

Bedroom with bed up for day use. Bedroom with bed up

Bedroom with bed up for day use. Bedroom with bed down

August 10, 2017

Move Day!!
The move went great. The tiny house was well behaved, staying nicely behind the truck riding level and smooth. I am sure a lot of that was due to the experience of the driver. Thank You Pete. With Juliette driving the lead car and Amanda following, we were on the road for about half an hour with no issues except for a couple low branches right here in the drive way. Parking and leveling went well and it is now in its intended home at the lake. Now comes all the set up and outfitting.

Hooking up to the truck. Ready to roll.

On the road (thank you Amanda for the photo) On the road

Arriving at the lake (thank you Carolyn for the photo). At the lake

Looking happy in its new home. Loft Railing

August 9, 2017

Kitchen is done. Wrapping up the rest of the details before we move tomorrow.

All the drawers and knobs are in place. Sink Side with Faucet.

Stove Side with drop leaf up

And the couch is in. Still need to work on cushions and pillows. Couch

Even got the railing installed for the loft and stair case. That is an old expanding gate that will allow safety when the loft is in use and openness when not. Loft Railing

August 3, 2017

Gas plumbing is complete

We finally found a plumber who would call us back and actually do the work to connect our stove and water heater to the propane tanks. Yeah! Travis and Jessie of EcoTec Plumbing did a great job. Here is some of their art work. Gas Piping.

With the gas piping done, we were able to install the counter and stove. We have also installed several of the drawers and the shelves on the sink side. Stove Counter

The section of counter to the left of the stove, sticking toward the sink cabinet, is hindged to fold down when not needed. Stove Counter

We hope to have all the cabinets and furnishings installed by mid next week, so we have schedule to move Evergreen to it's summer home (for what is left of the summer) next Thursday. Exciting and scarry.

July 30, 2017

Focused on the Bedroom this week

Put up the bed side cabinets that we had built in January. Bedroom Cabinets.

Then put in the murphy bed and mattress. This is the view down the hall with the bed down. Bedrrom view down the hall.

Here is the view with the bed up. You can see the pipe across between the floor cabinets that is the pivot for the murphy bed mechanism. The desk swings down to sit on the floor. It helps hold up the bed when it is down. The boxes on the floor have drawers in them, By day they are benches for the desk. By night they stow under the bed for additional bed support. Murphy bed up.

This view shows the bed half way down. You can see the desk swinging out to be level with the floor, Murpy bed down.

Another view with the bed down and the drawer boxes in the night position. The shelf between the upper cabinets will be used to store the pillows when the bed is up. It also keeps the mattress against the bed frame in the up position. Murpy bed down.

July 24, 2017

Made some Xylophones this weekend.

Actually it is the boards we cut and painted for the window jamb extensions and trim. Window Trim Boards.

Over 100 pieces. Window Trim Boards.

Then we installed them all, jamb extensions yesterday and window trim today.

Loft Windows trimmed, kitchen window in the foreground. Loft Window Trim.

And the living room windows trimmed. Below the windows is a cup rail since the couch will go under these windows. Living Room Window Trim.

Also the fridge came today.

We can keep ice cream and refreshments handy now while we work. Fridge.

July 19, 2017

Exterior is finished

Got the siding complete on the other 2 walls today. The siding, trim and soffits are now done, so the exterior is finished. Rear wall siding.

We also got the kitchen counters today. Sink Counter

July 17, 2017

Siding finished on two walls. Front view of siding.

Does it look like the plan? Original plan

July 14, 2017

Making good progress on the siding. Getting a real good sense of what it will look like fully dressed. We have used up 9 of the 12 boxes of siding we bought. We are hoping we have enough

Door side and tongue end. Even finished that tricky little triangle between the two roof pitches. Front view of siding.

Sink/bath side side. Lots of utility cutouts on this side. First wall of siding

July 9, 2017

Siding started!!

Got all the starter strips installed around the bottom, and then put up the first row of siding panels on the back wall. First row of siding.

Here is the back wall almost finished and the side wall started. Waiting for some left over pieces to finish the top of the back wall. The window trim is now easier to see. First wall of siding

July 8, 2017

Back to the outside.

Window trim installed. We used PVC trim boards that have a notch in the back to cover the ends of the vinyl siding, eliminating the need for J-Channel Window Trim.

We also put up the first corner posts of the siding, to see the color on the building. The thin green edge on the left of the photo. First Siding Color

July 4, 2017

Started plumbing and put the bathroom together

Sink and toilet side with mirrored medicine cabinet and towel storage above. Toilet and sink.

Tub side, with a view of the shower plumbing outside. Tub with shower plumbing

The bath sink plumbing is accessible through the drawer unit in the kitchen. Bath sink plumbing

Another view of the sink and toilet. The cutout above the toilet is a storage cubbie back into the kitchen cabinets Toilet and sink.


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