Our Tiny House Build Adventure

Diary 3 - Interior Framing, Finish and Roofing

June 28, 2017

Been working on interior finish, wall tongue and groove boards and electrical outlets and switches. Most of the walls are now covered, just a few pieces in the bathroom left to install.

Looking from the living room toward the rear loft and stairs Walls looking toward the rear.

Looking from the stairs toward the front. That is the stove being stored in the corner where the couch will go. Walls looking toward the front

Here is the main floor bedroom, looking in one window. Main Floor Bedroom

Taking advantage of in-the-wall space, this is the shoe storage cubbie, below the breaker panel. Walls looking toward the front

June 19, 2017

Cabinet frames and stairs are in. Stairs look different, but walk very comfortably.

Kitchen with stairs

June 16, 2017

Roof metal finished. Woo Hoo!! We are now past the part of the build I was most concerned about.

Starting to get a real sense of how the finished house will look. Here is the front view. Roof Finished Front

On the rear view. You can see the fascia trim and the metal gable end cap details. Roof Finished Front

In between doctor appointments and working on the roof, we got a start on painting the kitchen cabinets. We need to get at least the frames installed before the plumber comes to connect the propane piping to the stove and water heater Monday. Cabinet Painting

June 13, 2017

The roofing and trim material was delivered so we moved outside and put up the fascia trim and drip edge/eave flashing.

The door side and front trim and eave flashing along the bottom edge of the roof and gable end. Door Side Eave Flashing and Trim

The back end and bath side trim and eave flashing Rear and Bath Side Flashing and Trim

We also scheduled the counter top measurement since that is a long lead time item. That meant we had to get the cabinet frames in place for them to measure.

The door side will have the stove cabinet. Door Side/Stove Cabinet Frame

The bath side will have the sink cabinet. Bath / Sink Side Cabinet Frames

Here is the sink side with the counter top template in place. Bath / Sink Side Cabinet Frames

June 7, 2017

Today was Tongue and groove on the door and stove side.

Here is the view from the couch location looking toward the stove window and where the stairs will be. Kitchen stove wall T&G

This view is from the bathroom toward the door. The breakfast bar will be just to the rigth of the door. The wires hanging high on the wall are for the TV. Door side from bath room

June 6, 2017

Floor is now finished and we got a good start on the sink side kitchen/living room wall T&G.

This is the living room corner where the L shaped couch will go. Living Room Couch Corner Wall Finish

Looking toward the bath room. The sink will go under the window. The hole is for the water heater. Kitchen sink corner toward bath room

June 4, 2017

Great day yesterday, our wedding anniversary. Got a lot done on the tiny house, and still had time to go out to dinner.

Finished the T&G in both sections of the ceiling. Ceiling Done

And got most of the finished floor installed, a laminate like vinyl/cork plank system. Due to the way it is installed, it needed to be put in before the wall T&G since we are not planning to have base boards. Front with floor

June 1, 2017

More polyurethane and hanging tongue and groove boards this week. Thank you Adam for the new 8 foot step ladder, already in use. We can now retire "Uncle John", the hand-me-down ladder we have been wobbling on for many years.

After a couple more batches of poly on T&G boards, the livingroom/kitchen ceiling (foreground) is almost done (just 2 more boards to figure our at the peak) and the loft floor (background) is in. Loft Floor

The loft floor is also the bedroom ceiling, so that is there now also. We did the poly on the V-groove side, which is down now, so the bedroom ceiling is finished. Bedroom Ceiling

May 25, 2017

Starting interior wall and ceiling finish.

Primed and painted the first batch of the 180 pieces of 14 and 16 foot T&G pine boards we are using for wall and ceiling finish. Then started hanging them on the front wall. You can see a sample piece of the oak laminate floor in the bottom right corner of the photo. Front Wall T & G T & G White

Put 2 coats of polyurethane on the ceiling boards and started with the livingroom/kitchen ceiling. Liking the look of the white with the natural pine. We are also using the natural finish for the loft floors. There is a small storage loft above the front window. Ceiling T & G Start T & G Poly

May 21, 2017

Finished installing the windows and installed the door. Woo Hoo!
The spray foam insulation was installed yeterday. Really starting to feel like a house

Front window and door side. Door Side Windows and Door.

Rear view and bath wall Bath Side Windows.

The inside views now show the completed spray foam insulation. Interior Looking Back

There is going to be a lot of light in the living room. Interior Looking Forward

And the interior wall and ceiling lumber got delivered. We are going to be busy for a while. Interior wall and ceiling

May 19, 2017

Today was all about windows and final prep for spray foam installation. 9 of 11 windows are now installed.

All 4 windows are now installed on the door side. Still need to install the door. Door Side Windows.

5 of the 6 windows on the bathroom side are in. 2 left to go, one on the side above the staging, and a double window over the tongue of the trailer on the front. Bath Side Windows.

Here is an inside view, looking toward the rear, past the bathroom on the right and place for the stairs on the left to the main floor bedroom. You can see the 5 loft windows above. Interior Looking Back

This is from the bedroom looking toward the front, tongue end of the trailer, through the bathroom to the kitchen and living room. Interior Looking Forward

May 18, 2017

Electrical and Wall Prep

The electical wiring is all run and the 10 items that need to poke out through the exterior walls (water, fans, outlets) are complete. Electrical Panel Wired

Also put in one more window, the rear loft window, to let some of the heat out. It was 93 degrees today. Rear Window

May 14, 2017

Got a good start on inside details this week.

Framed the interior wall sections on the floor Interior Wall Framing.

Then took them to the trailer and stood them up Interior Wall Framing.

Inside framing is now complete. You can see the bathroom on the right, with the main floor bedroom behind. Interior Wall Framing

The loft is taking shape. There is one section of floor framing left to install. The stairs will come up on the left infront of the bedrrom wall. Interior Wall Framing

With all the walls up, we installed the outlet boxes, 42 of them, and started wiring. Outlet Boxes

May 8, 2017

Did some inside work while the weather was damp

Installed the tie down brackets to bolt the house box to the trailer. Then drilled the 1/2 inch holes in the 1/4 inch steel of the trailer frame to bolt through. We put in 10 of these. Bolt Down Brackets.

Also installed hurricane ties to connect the rafters to the wall studs. Hurricane Ties

Insulated and sealed the fenders. Glued 3/8 inch foam to the fender. Also sealed along the joints between the walls and fender to keep out moisture. Insulating Fender

Here is the interior with both fenders insulated. Fenders insulated


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