Our Tiny House Build Adventure

Diary 2 - Trailer & Framing

May 8, 2017

Did some inside work while the weather was damp

Installed the tie down brackets to bolt the house box to the trailer. Then drilled the 1/2 inch holes in the 1/4 inch steel of the trailer frame to bolt through. We put in 10 of these. Bolt Down Brackets.

Also installed hurricane ties to connect the rafters to the wall studs. Hurricane Ties

Insulated and sealed the fenders. Glued 3/8 inch foam to the fender. Also sealed along the joints between the walls and fender to keep out moisture. Insulating Fender

Here is the interior with both fenders insulated. Fenders insulated

In a dry spell between snow flurries, we installed one window to work out the process. Lots of steps in the current tape flashing methods, and lots of variations on those steps. Trying to combine the best of several methods. First Window Going In

The new exterior view with the first window complete. First window installed

May 4, 2017

Worked on getting the box weather tight. Cut out the window openings, applied the house wrap, and layed down the roof membranes. Hopefully it is water tight now. It will be tested right away. We have a week of rain in the forecast.

Discovered a panel cutting router bit. Great tool for this job. It follows the jambs around for a perfect sized and smooth opening. No recip saw needed. Window openings cut out.

Cutting out the window openings allows a lot more light inside. Inside with windows open

Had the tarp on the roof, so we started with the house wrap, to get the side walls protected. House Wrap

Covered the roof with water shield and a breathable membrane. Both are waterproof. Roof covered

May 1, 2017

Major step, finished framing the roof. All the rafters and roof sheeting are in place.

Front angle view. Still a few pieces of plywood to put in place around the front window. Roof Framing Done

Side view, showing where we put water shield in the valley before we put the overhang in place. Roof Framing Done

April 29, 2017

The past few days, we have been working on rafters. Yesteday we got the plywood sheeting up on the rafters with a major assist from Amanda and Tyler. Thank you. Today we got those 8 sheets nailed down.

Here we had the rafters up for the lower roof secton. Lower roof rafters

Here are the large roof plywood sheets in place. Plywood roof

April 26, 2017

Got the ridge beam up today, and installed the loft floor framing to use during rafter install.

Ridge beam up. A 30 foot double 2x6. Quite a beast. Ridge Beam

Loft floor framing. The wrapped beam will be the front edge of the loft as seen from the living room. Loft floor

April 25, 2017

Lots of progress yesterday. Had to wait till this morning to take pictures as it was dark when we finished last night.

Almost all the plywood wall sheeting is up. We did get the top row on the back side done after this shot. Just a couple small pieces around the front window to go. Sheeting On

Then we rigged up a temporary roof as it is supposed to rain hard today. Our tiny in FEMA blue. First Roof

April 23, 2017

All wall sections are now up and much of the plywood is on All Walls Up

There is starting to be something we can call an "inside" Inside

April 22, 2017

Had time to get anther 3 wall sections up today. Only 2 left.

Trailer tongue end of the bathroom side wall. Wall 4 Up

Trailer tongue end of the door side wall from the front. Wall 5 Up

Trailer tongue end of the door side wall. Wall 5 Up

Then the front wall at the tongue. Wall 6 Up

April 21, 2017 PM

Too much over thinking, had to just get going. After supper we went out during a break in the rain and put up the first 3 walls. They look very tall. It started to rain again just as we started picking up.

Started with the back section of the bathroom side wall. Wall 1 Up

Then the back section of the door side wall. Wall 2 Up

Finally the rear wall to hold them together. Wall 3 Up

April 21, 2017

We have been working on framing wall sections the last few days. Divided the side walls (28 foot long) into 3 sections each so we could manage to move them. We have now framed all 8 wall sections. Waiting for a couple dry days in a row to stand them up.

This is the back wall of the bedroom, shown from the side

Back Bedroom Wall

Then the side bedroom wall section, same on both sides, one window in the bedroom and another above it in the loft. Bedroom Side Wall

Working forward from the bedroom, the next section on the door side is the wall by the stairs, with another awning winow for the loft.

Stair Wall Framing

On the other side from the stairs is the bathroom wall section, loft awning window to the right of the photo, bathroom window near the top center of the photo.

Bathroom Side Wall

The window openings are easy to see with the rain pooled on the tarp. We have since thrown a few sheets of plywood on the wall sections stacked on the trailer to avoid having to do so much bailing. Bedroom Side Wall

April 15, 2017

Framed a second wall section and moved the 2 sections out to the trailer deck. We will stand them up after we frame the next section so they can stabilize each other. The one shown on the back end of the trailer is actually the front wall that faces the tongue. The secton laying on the front end of the trailer will stand up on the far side.

First walls on deck

April 14, 2017

Perfect weather today. Got all the plywood sheets of the sub floor cut and screwed down. Took over 300 screws, drilled into the steel frame of the trailer. Used up a dozen drill bits and 6 screw driver bits.

We used 3 steps for each screw, drill a small pilot hole with oil on the bit, drill a bigger pilot hole with more oil, then use an impact drill to drill/screw in the self drilling screw. Sub FLoor Screws

One drill bit apparently got so hot it bent. Bent Drill

Sub Floor Plywood Installed

We had a little time left, so we framed up the wall over the tongue of the trailer. First wall framed

April 12, 2017

Got a good start on the sub floor plywood, 7 of 8 sheets placed.

First we put down sill seal, a thin foam layer on top of the steel trailer members as a thermal break. Start of Sill Seal

Then we layed out the Advantech sub floor sheeting and worked out how to screw it to the steel frame. That is going to take a while. First sheets of plywood

Sill Seal complete

7 sheets of plywood placed

April 11, 2017

Yeah! Spray foam is installed.

They covered areas that were not to get foam with plastic

Masked off

First bay foam

By the time they started the second layer, the first layer was strong enough to walk on. Second foam pass start

Here is the final look. Now on to sub floor. Foam complete

Then they sprayed 1 bay at a time half the depth (2") Foam start

More foam

Second Layer

April 10, 2017

Foam got delayed a day, but the lumber got delivered. They hand unloaded into the garage. Very nice. Lumber Delivered

April 9, 2017

Winter is not giving up yet, but there are a few days above 50 now and the trailer is ready, so let the structure build begin.

60 degrees and sunny. Got all the piping installed and the trailer leveled. Ready for spray foam tomorrow.

Only part of the gray water drain and the water lines go under the floor. So, only those were installed. Drain and water pipes

This pipe is a conduit for LP Gas lines to be run later LP Gas Conduit

Due to the pitch of the driveway, the tongue is now 3 feet high, and the back corner is only 18". Snow Delay

Wrapped it up to keep it clean until the foam is installed. Snow Delay

April 8, 2017

Snow delay. Mother nature put a 3 inch blanket on the trailer. Snow Delay

We had other commitments today anyway, but it was a little depressing. Snow Delay

April 7, 2017

Today was order materials day.

April 6, 2017

Started installing the few pipes that need to go inside the floor structure. This needs to be complete before the floor insulation is sprayed in. Under Floor Piping

April 4, 2017

Trailer arrived today. Now the fun begins. Trailer delivered

The first job will be to wash it off. It was raining when it arrived. Trailer delivered

We had to get a large snow pile moved to make room for it. Trailer


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