Our Tiny House Build Adventure

Diary 1 - Interior Features

While the weather is too poor to work outside, we have begun to build some of the interior components.

March 22, 2017

Got a lot of the Sink cabinet cut and assembled today. Tested the fit of the sink. The white box on the floor is the water tank. There will be a shelf over the tank. Sink Cabinet

Here is the look with the doors and drawer fronts. The blocks under the doors are temporary supports since we don't have the hinges yet. Sink Side Cabinet

March 20, 2017

This weekend we started the sink side cabinets. Here is the skeleton, with the 4 drawer unit on the left we did on March 9, and the trash/recycle cabinet we are working on now to the right. Behind the face frame in the middle will be the sink to the right, an open front drawer for paper towels to the left, the water tank and the water heater. Sink Side Cabinets

This is the open front paper holder/drawer that will be to the left of the sink. Paper towel drawer

It will have storage in the back for a couple spare rolls. Paper towel drawer

The trash/recycle cabinet will have a toe kick drawer, a pullout with 2 waste bins, a regular drawer and a slideout cutting board/counter extension just below the counter top. Sink Side Trach Cabinet

March 15, 2017

Wrapped up cutting and initial assembly of the range side cabinet. Stove Side Cabinet

We put drawers in the kick space to utilize all possible storage space. Stove Side Cabinet

Here it is with the drawer fronts and door. The range goes in the center. Stove Side Cabinet

March 12, 2017

Here is the beginning of the range side of the kitchen. Stove Side Frame

Tested that the range fit right away. Slid right in. The 2x4s on top are stand ins for the counter top. Stove Side Frame with Range

March 9, 2017

We sent most of last week finalizing the plans for the kitchen cabinets and ordering components that will go in them, like the range, sink, water heater and water tank, so we could be sure of their shapes and dimensions.

Here is the plan for the cabinets on the sink side of the kitchen. Sink Side Cabinet Plan

This week we started building the 4 drawer stack on the left end of the sink side unit. 4 Drawer Stack Frame

Here is the plan for the cabinets on the range side of the kitchen. Still need to add a few knobs and drawer pulls. Stove Side Cabinet Plan

The slot above the top drawer will hold a pull out cutting board. The drawer box sitting on top and the others like it for the lower drawers will attach behind the drawer fronts once all the pieces are painted and the drawer slides are attached. 4 Drawer Stack with Drawer Fronts

Feb 27, 2017

Got the smaller sofa section assembled today. Here are the 2 pieces together. Sectional Sofa Closed

We built a companion coffee table/C-table to go with it. Sectional Sofa with coffee table

The coffee table on end becomes a C-table that slips under the sofa to provide work/eating space. Sectional Sofa with C-table

This photo shows the storage in both sections. Sofa Storage Open

The coffee table doubles as a bed platform support to create a queen size bed, Sectional Sofa as bed

Feb 25, 2017

The larger sofa section is assembled Sectional Sofa Large Unit

Sofa  Large Unit

The large unit will lift up to reveal storage for the mattress and platform to make the sofa into a queen bed. Sofa large unit

Rear View Sofa Large Unit Rear

Feb 23, 2017

Built the seat frame, and started adding the skin to the living room sectional sofa/bed. This is the larger piece. The seat will lift up for storage. Sectional Sofa

Feb 20, 2017

Ordered our foundation, a Trailer Made 28 foot trailer through Tiny Foundations Northeast.
We are anticipating a delivery late March or early April.

Feb 19, 2017

Started the living room sectional sofa/bed Sectional Sofa

The smaller unit will have 2 drawers underneath Sofa small unit

The large unit will lift up to reveal storage for the mattress and platform to make the sofa into a queen bed. Sofa large unit

This is the plan view of the sofa with cushions and pillows. Sofa Plan

Feb 16, 2017

Made the drawers for the living room stacking boxes. (the legs will be attached after we paint them. Living room stacking box drawers

The fridge platform is another opportunity for a storage drawer. Fridge platform drawer

The refrigerator will back up to the trailer fender which protrudes into the interior space, so we will raise it up on a platform to get it over the fender and back to the wall. Fridge platform

Feb 10, 2017

Cut out the 3 lower stair treads and supports. The trianglular space under the second step will have swing open doors. We will paint the structure and poly the treads before we do the final assembly, Stair unit with doors

Also built the drawer under the bottom step. Stair unit with doors

With the doors propped up in front of it Stair unit with doors

Stair unit with doors, pantry out

Stair unit with doors

Stair unit with doors

Feb 8, 2017

Cut out and routed the doors to the pantry, closet and cubbies in the stair unit. We will wait until it is painted to do the final assembly. Stair unit with doors

Stair unit with doors, pantry out

Feb 6, 2017

Starting to look more like a stair case with the treads cut and styles in place. The 3 treads to the left are temporary, screwed in place to hold the structure shape until we have it all painted and finish assembled. We even tried climbing the steps to get the feel. Seemed fairly natural, although we couldn't get very high with the head room in the basement/garage. Stair unit

Stair unit

Feb 3, 2017

Added more of the support structure for the alternating treads. Stair unit

Stair unit

Feb 2, 2017

Started the structure of the upper stair section, the straight, alternatng tread steps. Stair unit plan

The notch in the lower left of this photo is to allow for the stair unit to fit over the wheel wells. Pantry shelves

Pantry shelves

Stair unit structure shown here with the pantry pull-out. The pull-out and the closet to the right of it will have door panels. Pantry side view

Feb 1, 2017

Next up is the Stair unit. Stair unit plan

Since the pantry unit will be hidden most of the time, we chose to construct it out of material we had on hand, left over from prior projects or old items. So you see a few differnt colors. We didn't buy anything for it other than the wheels and front panel. Pantry shelves

Starting with the Pantry pull out Pantry shelves

Pantry side view

Jan 27, 2017

Bedroom Upper Cabinets Bedroom Upper Cabinet

Bedroom Cabinet Plan Bedroom Cabinet Plan

Jan 25, 2017

Bedroom base cabinets/night stands Bedroom Bottom Cabinet

Bedroom Bottom Cabinte Frame

Jan 12, 2017

The under bed storage drawers for the bedroom Under Bed Drawer Units

Under Bed Drawer Open

Under Bed Drawer unit with Drawer

Under Bed Drawer unit Bottom

Jan 5, 2017

Then the C Table for the living room. Down it is a coffee table or bed support, up it is a TV tray table. C Table Down

C Table Up

Jan 2, 2017

The stacking storage box seats for the living room. Stacking Seats


Dec 30, 2016

Started with the stool at the living room desk Stool Step Up

Stool Step Down


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