Horton Dome - Cost

Several people have asked for cost details on my project.

The overall cost not including the lot or site prep is between $65.00 and $75.00 per square foot. Determining the exact area of our floor plan has not been easy. We have a lot of sweat equity in these numbers, see the labor breakdown below. As you can see from the web details, we also have a highly customized floor plan (a split level home inside a dome shell with non-standard dormers), and some high end features like flooring and cabinets. A similar sized dome could probably be done for less (or more).

The dome concept will save money on material and heating over a rectangular home of the same area. But some of the components will cost more.

For example,

In general, the building industry is set up to deal with rectangles. Angles cost more.

Labor we provided

We did the following ourselves, or with help from family and friends. Increase the above budget if you hire these out.

Labor we hired out

We payed others to do the following and these cost are included in the above budget.

Other costs to consider

None of these are included in the above budget because they are so site dependent.

This is only one example of a dome cost. Your project could cost less or more. It depends greatly on your interior design, and choice of materials. The price of locally purchased items may also vary and change your cost.

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